Which Type Of Mom Are You – Pussycat or Lioness

pussy vs lioness


1 It’s two o’clock in the morning and your neighbour’s car alarm has gone off, do you:

A Stuff your head under the pillow and pray that the baby, well, sleeps like a baby.
B Call the noise pollution hotline and hope they send someone round soon.
C Grab your dressing gown and get round there pronto. If you can’t sleep, why the hell should they?

2 The bus arrives, 20 minutes late and jam-packed. As you struggle with the buggy, several people push in front of you, do you:

A Withdraw from the scramble. Hopefully another bus will come along shortly.
B Seethe in silence, while giving lots of filthy looks to people.
C Loudly point out their appallingly rude manners, and how they should be ashamed of themselves.

3 You’re in the playground, waiting for a swing to become free for your child, but one parent
insists on little Johnny having as long as he wants, despite the growing queue, do you:

A Quietly suggest to your child that perhaps the roundabout would be more fun.
B Huff and puff, and try to make your displeasure known, while not actually doing anything.
C March over to the offending parent and point out their infringement of playground protocol.

4 An altercation has occurred between your child and another. The other child’s parent has come to
complain, do you:

A Listen to their grievances and apologise for your child’s behaviour.
B Suggest that perhaps both children were at fault, and they should say sorry to each other.
C Immediately go on the defensive. How dare they accuse your child!

5 You’ve ordered a child’s portion of spaghetti and meatballs, but when it arrives it’s clearly the adult size, do you:

A Say nothing, and pay the full price when the bill comes.
B Point out the mistake, say you’ll share it.
C Insist that they either change it or charge you for the child’s portion, as that’s what you ordered.


How Did You Do?

You’re probably a lovely, lovely person, who if in feline form would roll over and love having their tummy tickled, but when it comes to fighting your corner, you’re a complete pushover. It’s time to toughen up and start speaking your mind. We’re talking assertiveness, not aggression, so take a deep breath and deal with your grievances effectively and respectfully.

Whoever invented the third way must have had you in mind. You manage to straddle both the submissive and assertive camps, getting wound up by certain situations and circumstances, but often lacking the
impetus to do anything about it. You’re probably the sort of person who kicks themselves afterward, wishing you’d said that withering put down you’ve only just thought of!

Grrrrrr, you are the queen of the jungle, and if anyone gets between you and your cub, they better be prepared to pay the ultimate price – a severe lashing from your sharp tongue. Sometimes, however, it might help to think before you speak, and to watch your language. You don’t want to come across as argumentative and dare we say it – bossy – do you?




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