What Supplements For Women During Pregnancy?

suppements during pregnancy

It’s a good idea to switch over to a pregnancy-specific supplement. In fact, you should probably start taking a pregnancy-specific vitamin and mineral supplement as you start trying for a baby. Many women don’t know that they are pregnant until a few weeks in, despite the major changes your body is going through. By taking a vitamin and mineral supplement formulated for pregnancy, you are helping to ensure the healthy growth of your foetus. It’s especially important to take a supplement that contains folic acid and B vitamins during the first trimester, as this helps protect your growing baby against defects in the brain and spinal column.

Your growing baby is also going to need lots of calcium, which helps to ensure that he’ll have strong bones and teeth, as well as a healthy heart and heart rhythm. The development of his nerves and muscles also require calcium. If you’re not getting enough calcium in your day-to-day diet during your pregnancy, your growing baby will get it from your bones – affecting your long term health as a result. Using a supplement that contains calcium will help with this.

Your body’s iron needs also increase during pregnancy, especially during the second and third trimesters, because your body needs to create more blood during pregnancy than ever before. Ensuring you take in enough iron helps to prevent a low birth weight or even premature birth, as well as preventing anaemia in your baby.

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