Traveling With Babies – What To Ask Your Travel Agent

ask your travel agent


Before you pack up your suitcases and kids to set off on your travels, there are some questions you need to know the answers to. The best person to ask is your local travel agent.

  1. Have you been to this resort yourself, or any member of your agency.
  2. How long is the journey and what is the time difference?
  3. What will the weather be like?
  4. What family facilities are there?
  5. What baby equipment do I need to bring?
  6. What are the nearby towns and beaches like?
  7. Is the resort accessible with a pushchair?
  8. Is there a crèche, kids’ club or babysitter?
  9. Are children’s meals provided?
  10. Do the staff speak English?
  11. Is there a shop selling baby supplies, and are they kown brands?
  12. Does the resort have a lifeguard and first aider?
  13. What is the public transport service like?
  14. If we hire a car, can we also hire a car seat?
  15. Do we need vaccinations?
  16. Is there an on-site rep

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