Top 8 Steps To Boost Your Baby’s Immune System


With winter upon us your baby may come down with a variety of cough and sniffles. It’s normal for babies to pick up bugs as their immune systms are only developing. But it’s all part of growing up.
Luckily you can boost your babies immune system.

Here’s How. to get your baby fighting fit for the cold winter season with these expert tips.

  1. The Ultimate Power Nap.
    Lack of sleep can affect immunity, so ensure your baby has a couple of daytime naps to keep bugs at bay. “Sleep is the time when your baby’s body is replenishing, rebuilding and renewing cells and tissues that have been used during the day, which is why it’s so important for immunity. Much like the evening routine, it’s a good idea to have a recognisable signal for naps, such as closing the curtains or reading a calming story. “Setting up a ritual will provide clear signals that it’s nearly time to go to sleep and help your baby have more settled naps.
  2. Try To Breastfeed.
    Your breast milk is rich in antibodies and the first milk – colostrum – is full of disease-fighting immunoglobulins. “Even a few weeks of breastfeeding lays the foundations for a strong immune system. “If you’re both exposed to the same bug, the antibodies you produce will be passed to your baby through your breast milk.”
  3. Have pet play
    A kitten or family dog is not only a fun playmate for your baby, it can be a secret immune-boosting tool. A recent study found that babies who lived with a dog or cat spent fewer weeks suffering from ear infections, coughs or runny noses and were less likely to need antibiotics. Researchers believe that the dirt and allergens brought in by animals cause your baby’s immune system to mature faster, making it.
  4. Get Hygiene Savvy.
    You’ll need to keep things clean, especially when your baby is under six months. Don’t be a clean freak, but avoid spreading germs by washing your hands after nose blowing, sneezing or using the toilet. It’s about finding a happy medium. Let your baby mix with other babies, but if there’s a nasty tummy bug going around, steer clear if you can.
  5. Remember jabs.
    “Vaccinations protect against illnesses such as tetanus, polio, diphtheria and meningitis, as well as measles, mumps, rubella and whooping cough. “Vaccines work by stimulating your baby’s immune system to produce antibodies that fight disease.
  6. Serve Up A Rainbow
    Try orange, red, yellow and green foods, such as sweet potato, peppers and spinach. The bright colours mean lots of vitamins.
  7. Beef Up
    Vitamin B12 makes illness-fighting white blood cells – boost your baby’s levels by introducing beef or chicken to her diet.
  8. Pick Probiotics
    Research has shown probiotics, such as natural yoghurt, can enhance immunity in babies.

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