Things To Remember When Traveling With A Baby

traveling with a baby


In the excitement of going on a holiday with kids, its very easy to forget some essential things. Below we have listed the most important things to remember,

  1. Ensure that your pram / stroller is a sturdy one as that will decide how good or bad your trip goes. the stroller should have a covering to protect against sunlight / rain etc
  2. Carry a good pair of sneakers as you cannot be fashionable and push the stroller at the same time.
  3. Get a multi-purpose and strong kiddy bag, as you will be on the move all the time and will need instant access to baby’s food/diapers, etc.
  4. Buy travel insurance while travelling abroad as doctors are expensive there.
  5. Ask your paediatrician to give you details of some clinics/local doctors in the places you are travelling to.
  6. Carry all types of medication, especially ones for common symptoms like fever/cold /cough, etc.
  7. Bring a good camera with a large memory to click lovely pictures of your baby.
  8. Stash your baby’s ‘comfort toys’ or any other article he is comfortable with at home as that helps him keep calm in new places.


Remember that you’re travelling with a child. There’s no need for both of you to get stressed over too many details and have a nightmare instead of a holiday. It’s OKAY if you don’t get to see all the sights or climb up to the highest point of the mountain!

Save that competitive spirit for when your baby’s all grown up.

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