Stress Busters

stress busters

A good support network is great for managing your stress levels. Reach out to your partner, family and friends. Good information about pregnancy and prenatal care is a stress antidote,

Arm yourself with information, so you don’t need to be stressed out by speculation and old wives’ tales. Well done for reading this – you’ve already made a good start! Be good to your body by sticking to a good, healthy diet. Scientists know That the connection between the gut and our emotions is direct.

Exercise has proven stress-killing properties: it releases endorphins and makes you feel good. So add pregnancy-safe exercise to your day, such as walking or swimming, yoga or Pilates. Meditation or a period of quiet reflection each day is the cherry on top!

Having a sense of control, good self-esteem and optimism are great for combating stress. If you’re struggling, investigate whether you could access professional help from a psychologist, counsellor,
priest or healer.

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