Simple Ways To Throw a Great Kiddies Birthday Party

Simple Ways To Throw a Great Kiddies Birthday Party

Simple Ways To Throw a Great Kiddies Birthday Party.

Every parent wants to throw their child a fun, memorable birthday bash, but party planning shouldn’t cause any household headaches or unnecessary stress. Some mums thrive on organizing the perfect, no-expenses pared extravaganza, whereas others balk at the idea of meticulous planning.

The majority of us fall somewhere in-between, so forget trying to impress, ditch the one-upmanship and simply focus on the fun. Here’s how to organise a fantastic birthday party while remaining cool, calm and collected.

Prior planning

LOCATION: If you’d rather not host the party at your home, then consider places such as your local park, beach or playground – the free entertainment is a bonus!

DATE:  Consider throwing the party on a date other than your child’s actual birthdayif you’d like to spend more time with them on their special day. Kids’ parties can be hectic and everyone will want to celebrate with the birthday boy or girl.

INVITES : Beautiful custom-made invites aren’t necessary, in this day and age a simple email can suffice! If you prefer printed invitations, however, check out Pinterest for templates or find pre-printed invites in bookstores. Who you invite is entirely up to
you and the birthday kid, but bear in mind a better party. If the invited children are of pre-school age then, of course, parents are usually expected to stay for the entire party and you’ll also need to consider catering for any siblings.

FOOD:  Kids aren’t fond of fancy canapés but put a plate of fairy bread, cheerios or fruit kebabs on the table and they’ll disappear quick smart. Other options are banana sushi (banana rolled up in bread and sliced), vegetable sticks, bliss balls and mini savoury muffins. As for feeding the adults, they love classic party nibbles just as much as the kids, so there’s no need to cater to them separately.
To save time on the day, prepare any food you can in advance, freeze it and pull it out the night before the party.

BUY OR DIY?  Be honest about where your skills lie and choose what to DIY and what to buy. You may be a brilliant craftsperson but a terrible baker, so make your own decorations and buy the cake. Don’t attempt to hand-make everything!

BUDGET:  Food, entertainment, presents, goodie bags… parties can be pricey, so it’s a wise idea to set a budget and stick to it.

ENTERTAINMENT:  Magicians, clowns, bouncy castles and pony rides are fantastic, but little ones also love simply getting together for a run around. Set up the paddling pool or sprinkler in summer, break out classics like pass the parcel in winter and have a couple of activities up your sleeve.

Remember that children don’t need to be directed the whole time to enjoy themselves.

Essentials to remember:

  • Have a big rubbish bin handy for any food scraps, paper plates and wrapping paper
  • Ensure you have prizes for the games
  • Devise a kidappropriate music playlist
  • Themes can be fun, particularly if your child is into Frozen/ Lego/Peppa Pig, but they won’t make or break a party.

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