Raising Confident Kids Beyond 24 months

Raising Confident Kids Beyond 24 months

Raising Confident Kids Beyond 24 months

As children grow older they start to imitate grown-up behaviour and break down the barriers between the adult and child world. Think about the behaviour you would like to see in your child and lead by example. Children need to see and be around adults who can manage their more difficult emotions. “

If they have this experience then they internalise it and use it as their own template to manage their own difficult feelings later on in life.

Beyond two years, children also begin to develop their capacity for abstract thought, something that is essential for core school subjects like maths and English. This peaks at around four with imaginative play. “When your children are pretend playing ‘mummies and daddies’, they’re actually engaging in quite a complicated thought process that helps them make sense of their world and yours.”

Leading up to this you can encourage imaginative play in children by letting them use household and natural objects, rather than manufactured toys, to explore their own ideas. “They might use a broom for a horse, or a banana as a phone. This ability to take an object and play with it
beyond its purpose is essential to building confidence. “Children create things, explore emotion through abstract play. They become comfortable and happy when they pretend.

There’s a lot of pressure on parents today to be perfect and have a great experience. One of my favourite quotes is from Winnicott [English paediatrician and psychoanalyst Donald Winnicott], who talks about just being a ‘good enough’ parent – and that really is good enough.”

You can’t have all the answers. Sometimes it is important to get it wrong. The child then sees a human beingwith strengths and weaknesses, not a parent driven to please and get everything right.

It also helps a child to build resources to manage and cope as they grow.

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