13 Expert Tips For Parenting Strong-willed Children


Strong willed kids are challenging, but they can also become wonderful, self-motivated and determined adults through conscious and sensitive parenting. As difficult as they are to manage, its important to nourish our strong-willed child and resist the impulse to break their

Bribing Your Kids – Is It The Right Thing To Do?


Your kid will study hard for her exams if you promise her a trip to Disneyland – but is that the right thing to do? You want your child to do well in her exams and, in a rash moment,

No Pain No Gain – Stop Shielding Your Children From Failure


Shielding your child from failure may prevent disappointment, but it teaches him not to try at all. Like most parents, you probably want to protect your kid from the disappointment and hurt associated with failure. And so you may be

5 Tips To Help Your Toddler to be Socially Interactive


Your Kid Won’t Interact With His Peers?,  Encourage his participation with these tips. You signed your toddler up for a playgroup but instead of taking part in the activities he wanders around the room and does his own thing. He

Why Does Your Preschooler Keep Touching His Private Parts?


It’s not sexual, but you can help him to break the habit. There are few things more likely to embarrass or shock you than seeing your three-year-old rub her private parts or your fouryear old touch himself, because you associate

Keeping Fit In Pregnancy – Myths Vs Truths


Everything you need to know to exercise safely during pregnancy. We asked our pregnancy fitness and nutrition spcialist to burst some myths so you can stay safe and healthy throughout your pregnancy. Not too long ago, women were encouraged to

10 Home Truths About Parenting That You’ll Never Read in a Book


I like to read and research everything before I begin. So I was totally prepared for my babies arrival. or so I thought. Unfortunately. my blessed little angel had her own ideas. EVERYONE BATTLES: You probably have friends who make

8 Tips For Helping Kids Through Divorce


  Constantly reassure them that they are loved – even if the other parent lets them down. A no-show doesn’t mean the other parent doesn’t love them. Encourage your children to communicate with both of you, and never use them

Top 6 Tips For Treating Breastfeeding Blues


When things go wrong, breastfeeding can become painful and joyless. You’ve probably heard stories about or experinced cracked nipples, blocked ducts or alarming lumps the size of golf balls. While nursing your baby is a natural process, it’s also a

How To Bath a Newborn Baby

Turn bathing a slippery and sometimes screaming baby into an enjoyable bonding experience. It’s normal to feel anxious about bathing your baby for the first time. But remember that your baby has lived in fluid for the past nine months,