Incompetent Cervix – Is It Cervical Cerclage

Cervical Cerclage

If you have a history of late spontaneous miscarriages, a weakness in your cervix might be the cause.

Since 1957, though, doctors have been inserting a strong suture (or stitch) into the cervix to artificially keep it closed and unable to dilate until the end of pregnancy.

There are three types of cervical cerclage.

The McDonald cerclage is a purse-string stitch which is usually removed again before delivery.

A Shirodkar stitch might mean that you have to have a C-section as the cervix is permanently

A last option is to place a band or tape around the cervix inside the abdomen. The procedure can be done under general or spinal anaesthesia. You may be placed on bed rest and be booked off work for the rest of your pregnancy, and you won’t be allowed to have sexual intercourse.

Cervical cerclage has a success rate of allowing up to 90 percent of (whose cerclages were not performed as emergencies) to carry to term (in this case, term is considered to be 37 weeks).

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