How Can I Spot If My Baby Is Tongue Tied

tongue tied baby vs normal


Underneath your baby’s tongue is a piece of skin called a frenulum. This is attached to the bottom of the mouth. In tongue-tie (ankyloglossia) the frenulum is too short. If your baby has tongue-tie, his tongue can’t move freely, and this can cause problems feeding and then later speaking. If you’re concerned take him to your GP. Most cases are very mild.

If it does require treatment, the procedure (a frenulotomy) is quite straightforward. The doctor (or midwife) puts a small incision at the base of the frenulum. In young babies, this snip is often done after just numbing the area, so it shouldn’t cause any pain.

If you are having problems breastfeeding, your baby being tongue tied could well be the culprit.

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