Hidden Dangers At Home

kids bathing together

Buckets, ice chests, fish ponds and 5-gallon tubs.

If you’re washing the car or mopping the floor. Empty that bucket of water as soon as you’re finished.

Keeping drinks on ice at an outdoor party?
Put the tub or chest up on a table. Left outside to dry, an empty one can turn into a drowning hazard if it fills up with rainwater.

Inflatable kiddie pools
It’s a hassle, but you’ve got to dump the water from these pools each time you use them. In fact, they’re particularly dangerous because they’re not surrounded by fencing and they’re irresistible to small kids. If your toddler—or a neighbor’s child—wanders into the yard, he can easily climb over the
soft side and slide into the pool.

Backyard fish ponds
Babies and toddlers are especially susceptible to cement fish ponds and other decorative water features. Either fence them in, fill them in with dirt, or wait until your child is older to install one in the first place.

Tubs and toilets
Install locks on the covers of toilet seats.

During baths
always hold onto your baby or toddler, even if she’s in a seat. And never leave her alone—not even to grab a towel, answer the phone, or get the door. Until they are old enough to take a shower, children need constant supervision in the tub.

Keep in mind:
Drowning rates increase when children bathe together in the same tub.

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