Growing Up Digital

Growing Up Digital

Nothing beats real toys and books to encourage learning. But if you do hand tablet over to Baby occasionally, lessen the guilt by downloading these educational apps.

Talking ABC – If You Want To Learn The Alphabet
This stop-motion production takes your little one through the 26 letters, each introduced by an adorable animal sculpted from clay. Besides games and puzzles, the Funny Words section lets you type in any word and see it turn into a claymation character that repeats what you say to it.

The app developer recommends this for kids aged two to seven. However, the catchy ABC song and claymation will keep Baby enthralled as well.

Childcare tips likes that the app features exotic animals like the newt, vicuna and xiphias,
so Junior can learn about wildlife around the world.

GET IT Activities related to letters A to E are free. Download the full version at $3.98, for iOS.

If your Toddler Loves Singing – Nursery Rhymes for Kids
Songs are a time-tested way to learn about the world. If you can’t hold a tune, this app will
save you the embarrassment. Bond over familiar songs such as Itsy Bitsy Spider, Old MacDonald Had A Farm and Humpty Dumpty. Its large collection saves you the hassle of scouring Youtube for suitable videos when you need to distract a cranky baby.

Childcare tips likes that each track is accompanied by an animated video with lyrics 􀃀ashed
on screen, karaoke-style. Most other apps of its kind tend to have static images – boring!

GET IT Free, for iOS and Android. You’ll get 10 free tracks when you download the app. Unlock another 38 songs for a small fee.

If you prefer to leave the books at home – Kidztory Treasury
From The Emperor’s New Clothes and The Ugly Duckling to Goldilocks and the Three Bears, this is one mobile library you can rely on when you’re on the go. Its 13 stories are beautifully illustrated and come with nine language options, including simpli􀂿ed Chinese. Click the “Read to me” button if you want them narrated, or select “Read by myself” if your older child is using the app.

Childcare tips likes that you can record your voice as you read. It personalises story time and
your little one can listen to your narration at any time of the day.

GET IT $1.28, for iOS.

If your introducing shapes and sizes – Fish School
Schools of colourful 􀂿sh swim across the screen, forming letters of the alphabet, numbers, colours and shapes.
Although preschoolers will bene􀂿t most from this award-winning app, the interactive features ensure your little one will not feel left out.

Childcare tips likes the freeplay mode. Your child can control the movements and adjust the
size of the 􀂿sh by tapping on them. Even you’ll get a kick out of it.

Get It $2.98, for iOS.

Baby Piano HD
Baby will love tapping on the rainbow-coloured keys. Each musical note is accompanied by a cute animal character. Switch tothe animal sound mode to hear a meow, mehhh and more. You’ll also have fun when you use the recording function to save your composition and play it back to Baby. It stores up to three songs on your iPad.

Childcare tips likes that when she’s older, you can play together by using the two-player mode. The notes you tap on will light up on the opposite side of the screen, so your child can follow along.

GET IT $1.28, only for the iPad. A free Baby Piano Lite version is available for iPhone and Android. It features seven keys instead of 15 and fewer features.

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