Good News About Video Games

-video games for kids

More than 90 percent of children play video games, according to the NPD Group, a market-research
company. “ That statistic may alarm some parents, but studies show that games can actually be a fantastic medium through which kids create, solve problems, multitask, and take on new perspectives. They may also help kids become more resilient. It’s often necessary to fail in order to do better, and video games teach kids to try again.

Some guidelines to keep gaming time positive and productive:

Play together. “Most kids are happy to show their parents what they’re doing.

They love getting to be the teacher.

Set limits. You might decide not to allow any gaming on school nights, for example, and to ban all screens at the table.

Seize teachable moments. Once when my daughter was playing online, another gamer asked her to meet him on Skype for a chat

That gave me an opportunity to talk to her about Internet safety and how she can be smart while she’s online.

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