Does Mother Instinct Exist

Does Mother Instinct Exist

Our individual style of parenting is influenced by a number of different factors, including our own upbringing. Yet that influence isn’t straight forward. For example, someone with a happy childhood can be determined to raise their child the same way, but conversely, someone with an unhappy childhood can be determined to raise their own child in a completely different way.

Parenting is about choices, not about inevitability. In other words, although your childhood affects you as a parent, it doesn’t need to limit you. Anyway, there are lots of other influences on parenting, including knowledge and understanding of a child’s psychological needs, the
parent’s own happiness and mental health, the involvement of the parent’s partner, the parent’s personality and temperament, and the child’s characteristics.

It is true that some parents seem to have a natural ability, as if they have an instinct for parenting, but for many others, parenting is a continual learning process.

So relax and have confidence in yourself – the fact you even ask this question shows you are sensitive and caring. In addition, you could read books and articles about parenting, attend prenatal classes, and speak to other parents about their ideas, approaches and anxieties. That’s how lots of new mums and dads prepare. You’ll find you are a much more loving, warm and competent parent than you expect.

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