Childhood Eczema How Informed Are You

childhood eczema

Eczema or atopic dermatitis is thought to affect 1 in 5 babies in the UK. If your little one suffers with eczema you are not alone and share your concerns with thousands of other parents across the country.

How to care for your baby’s skin After 9 months in the womb, your baby’s skin is highly sensitive to the chemicals that can be found in many mainstream baby skin care products. The first year of life is crucial to the health of your baby’s skin; still developing it is 30% thinner than at 12 months. This delicate skin is more prone to water loss which leads to dryness, making it a less effective barrier against chemical toxins. The early introduction of harsh toiletries onto delicate skin may be a factor in the rising rates of eczema and allergies in children.


Be informed & skin smart
It is important to avoid toiletries that contain harsh foaming agents, sensitising preservatives and perfumes, as these are known irritants to eczema-prone skin

By choosing ‘natural products’ it doesn’t guarantee they will be free from nasties. Did you know, a product only needs to contain 1% natural ingredients to be classed as ‘natural’?

Choose trusted organic products which are certified organic and naturally free from parabens, MI, artificial colours, lanolin, ethyl alcohol and petrochemicals.

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