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Labor Room Lingo

Labor Room Lingo

Feeling lost with this new language during pregnancy? We’re here to help. UTERUS Also known as the womb, this is where your baby grows and develops. AMNIOTIC SAC Sometimes called “bag of water”, this sac is filled with amniotic fluid

Gentle C-sections – Familycentered C-Section


Family Centered C-Section Just because you find yourself delivering in an operating room doesn’t mean you can’t have the family-centered birth you want. Dressed in a thin paper gown, you nervously look up at your partner, who squeezes your hand

6 Baby Essentials You Really Need

baby monitors

With so many baby products and equipment out there, it’s easy to feel bombarded with information. So what baby products are the real must-haves? SLEEP SWEET BABE Baby’s going to need a place to sleep, so you can either invest

Five Simple Diet Changes That Can Make a Big Difference While Baby-growing

Diet Changes While Baby-growing

There is a whole lot of advice on what pregnant women should eat and not eat—most of which sounds pretty straight forward on paper. But when it comes to real life, all the suggestions can be tough to remember, let alone

How Do I Cope If My Baby Comes Early

premature baby

Premature birth can have a huge impact and while it’s natural to put your baby first, you also need to look after yourself. No one expects to give birth before they’ve bought the baby equipment, taken antenatal classes or started maternity leave.

Cuts And Tears During Babies Delivey

Cuts And Tears During Babies Delivey

Tearing, or being cut, is one of the biggest birth fears for many mums-to-be. Here we answer your questions on this sensitive subject Why might I need a cut? The only reasons to be cut are: If you need an instrumental

How to Reduce Fluid Retention During Pregnancy

fluid retention during pregnancy

Swollen ankles and puffy fingers ankles and puffy fingers are common in pregnancy. Read on for ways to reduce fluid retention. Gradual swelling in your hands, feet, ankles and calves is common in pregnancy, especially towards the end. It’s caused by the increased fluid in your

Reduce the risk Of Stillbirth

Reduce the risk Of Stillbirth

A study has revealed pregnant women who received a seasonal flu vaccine were less likely to experience a stillbirth than unvaccinated mums-to-be. Researchers in Australia came to the conclusion after analysing the data of nearly 60,000 births for a study

How To Tell If Your labour Has Started

How To Tell If Your labor Has Started

How To Tell If Your labour Has Started All mums-to-be worry if they’ll know for sure when their baby’s on the way. Remove all doubt with these fail-safe signs… SERIOUS MOOD SWINGS You might have got used to feeling more up

Iron Deficiency In Pregnancy New Moms and Toddlers

Iron Deficiency In Pregnancy New Moms and Toddlers

Iron deficiency is one of the most common nutritional deficiencies and can have a big impact on your health. It’s particularly important during your pregnancy and for your child at six months and during toddler hood. Pregnancy During pregnancy, iron