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Keeping Fit In Pregnancy – Myths Vs Truths


Everything you need to know to exercise safely during pregnancy. We asked our pregnancy fitness and nutrition spcialist to burst some myths so you can stay safe and healthy throughout your pregnancy. Not too long ago, women were encouraged to

Top 6 Tips For Treating Breastfeeding Blues


When things go wrong, breastfeeding can become painful and joyless. You’ve probably heard stories about or experinced cracked nipples, blocked ducts or alarming lumps the size of golf balls. While nursing your baby is a natural process, it’s also a

Top 10 Must Haves After Birthing

Top 10 Must Haves After Birthing

10 Lifesaving must have’s for the first few weeks. DECENT TOILET PAPER Your body has taken a beating, so forget about one-ply! Now’s the time to buy the most luxurious loo roll you can afford. A SERIES TO WATCH Get

Baby’s Due ! Are You Prepared Down There?


You may be preoccupied with ensuring the nursery is ready for baby’s arrival, but while you’re preparing your home for its new resident, don’t forget to prepare your body for birth. By now, your birth plan is set and your bag

7 Ways To Cope With Hypertension In Pregnancy

7 Ways To Cope With Hypertension

7 Ways To Cope With Hypertension Follow doctor’s orders. If your hypertension is severe, you’ll most likely have to stay on meds prescribed by your doctor throughout the pregnancy. If your hypertension is mild, listen to your doctor’s advice about

10 Tips To Look Fab During Pregnancy

Look Fab During Pregnancy

Follow these 10 simple style tips from our fashion stylist to take your preggy look from frumpy to fab. 1 BUY THE BASICS Every pregnant woman needs these three basics in her wardrobe: First off, a good pair of maternity

Stress ! Its Bad For You But How Bad is It For Your Baby

Pregnancy is stressful

Pregnancy is stressful. You’re growing the little person who’ll have the most profound effect on your life. The stakes couldn’t be higher. So a certain amount of anxiety is only to be expected and can even work in your favour. After all, knowing how important it is will motivate

Sciatica ! Pain In The Bum And Legs

sciatica in pregnancy

You can expect some lower back pain during pregnancy, but for the unlucky few, it’s painful sciatica. Here’s what you need to know about it, and what you can do to help alleviate the pain. Pregnancy brings with it an

Stress Busters

stress busters

A good support network is great for managing your stress levels. Reach out to your partner, family and friends. Good information about pregnancy and prenatal care is a stress antidote, Arm yourself with information, so you don’t need to be

Planned Caesarean – 8 Point Action Plan


Many women are understandably apprehensive when faced with a decision about a planned caesarean as they realise their recovery is likely to be slower than it would be after a vaginal birth. Surgery is always daunting and the practicalities of returning home