Benefits oF Backpacking With Your Baby

backpacking with baby


Freedom to be free:

In a package tour, there are fixed timings for checking out of hotels and a limited time to finish meals. All mums know just how difficult it is to feed a kid, especially in a rush-rush situation. Sometimes, when you have to change your baby’s diaper or feed him, you may need more than the designated time and the rest of the group may move on without you having had the chance to see the sight.

When you travel independently, you have the freedom to plan your own day trip keeping your baby’s schedule in mind so you’re not run ragged by the end of every action packed day. Setting your own pace and choosing the mode of transport most suitable to your family is half the fun and seeing your kid’s delight when he reaches the amazing sights in a good mood completes the experience.

Access to do-it-yourself:

In package tours, you have to rely on restaurants picked out by the tour operator. But while backpacking, you generally stay in hostels and bed-and-breakfasts where they have an open-access kitchen. This REALLY helps, as when you are travelling with a baby, you need access to a place where you can heat your baby’s milk or rustle up some special food for your fussy toddler.

Meeting other mums:

When you’re not travelling with a big group, you can meet and interact with the local mums or travellers from other countries who might be staying at the same hostels, and share tips with each other.

Getting some ‘us’ time:

When you travel independently, you also get the chance to plan your own route. This could include a special kiddy treat like an amusement park or a doll’s museum or even a simple day at the park where you can feed the ducks or enjoy an impromptu picnic together. This way, you and your spouse really get to bond with your child and destress yourselves.

Saving for the future: Not staying in five-star hotels or taking the train instead of a flight can help you save a lot of money. This can really help in recessionary times like these!

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