Back To Work – How To Survive After Having A Baby

Back To Work After Baby

Back To Work After BabyWhether you’ve taken three months off or 12, the prospect of returning to the workplace after maternity leave, while exciting, can also feel a bit overwhelming. The idea of stepping back into an old role when so much in your life has changed can be rather daunting. However, preparing yourself for this important transition can help to ensure a positive first day back.

With work ‘Keep in touch days’ are a useful way to refamiliarise yourself with the work environment before your return. You are entitled to up to ten of these days, so try to agree with your employer when they will take place, and how they will be used. Not only do these enable you to test the water in your work environment, they offer a chance to connect with old colleagues, refresh your knowledge of the company and get up to date on any changes that have happened. With friends As well as the keep in touch days, why not meet with colleagues on a more informal basis? If you’re feeling a bit
nervous, it’s a good idea to meet up for lunch or drinks – this will help you to build confidence and remind you that your friends are still your friends.

Your childcare It’s important that you are happy and confident with any childcare arrangements, so start thinking about these early on. If your child is going to be spending time at a nursery, or with a nanny or relative, try to introduce her to her new routine before your re-entry to the workplace. Feeling confident about how your baby will be spending her time will help you to concentrate on your first day back without worrying. Your wardrobe Your workwear wardrobe is an important part of your professional identity, so make sure you have several outfits prepared. Take the time to go shopping, get some advice if there are any areas of your body that you feel self-conscious about, have your hair cut and shine your shoes. This will ensure that you exude an air of confidence, even if you’re feeling a bit nervous. It’s also a good idea to have a separate ‘work’ handbag to ensure you
just have what you need for your time at work, rather than anything baby-related.

Your work Try to have a meeting with your boss arranged for your first day back. It’s a good
opportunity to re-establish your role and ensure you meet any expectations. It also gives your boss a chance to air any concerns they may have. Also, having the meeting in your diary will mean you ensure they have time for you and you don’t feel like a spare part.

It’s only natural to feel a little emotional at the prospect of spending time away from your baby. So you’re able to stay focused in the work environment, plan your first few days carefully. If you’re a team leader, arrange meetings, it’s a good way of re-establishing yourself. Try to keep baby talk
to a minimum and stay focused on your professional role.

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