5 Tips – Before You Try Babywearing

baby sling

As with every new trend, I prefer to let other mothers do the testing before, I give it a try.

Below is a few things to do before you buy.

1 Find a ‘sling meet’ in your area to get advice from other mums and experiment with different types of wraps and slings. Also, Facebook is full of sling groups where you can meet other mums online.

2 Get your wrap before giving birth to practise tying it, using a large teddy bear or doll.

3 Use your sling as a cover when you’re breastfeeding.

4 Choose a fabric that you love. There are some great prints, such as the Boba Wrap,

5 Children can be worn up to three years, so invest in a wrap that will serve long term so.

Personally I love them and more importantly so does my baby and use them all the time.

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