Preeclampsia – 9 Signs To Watch Out For

Preeclampsia - 9 Signs

Consult a doctor if you have any of the following signs and symptoms. Sustained high blood pressure during pregnancy: Severe or persistent headaches Heart palpitations Dizziness Double vision, blurriness, seeing spots, light sensitivity or temporary loss of vision Excessive swelling

Maintaining a Healthy Blood Pressure During Pregnancy

Maintaining a healthy blood pressure during pregnancy

Blood Pressure During Pregnancy Maintaining a healthy blood pressure during pregnancy is like doing a Goldilocks: not too high, not too low… it has to be just right! Getting it right can be a bit tricky for your body when your

Top 7 Ways To Soothe Your Babies Tears

Soothe Your Babies Tears

If you’ve ruled out hunger, heat, over tiredness and a soggy nappy, these quick fixes can help. One thing is for sure with a baby, you can’t avoid tears. But there’s always something you can to do help. Check for

Recognising Reflux

reflux in baby

Recognising Reflux In Baby Vomiting, crying, coughing and waking frequently at night, these niggles are signs your baby might have reflux. In most babies, reflux can be easy to spot – your little one spits up after a feed, and

Gentle C-sections – Familycentered C-Section


Family Centered C-Section Just because you find yourself delivering in an operating room doesn’t mean you can’t have the family-centered birth you want. Dressed in a thin paper gown, you nervously look up at your partner, who squeezes your hand

Hidden Dangers At Home

kids bathing together

Buckets, ice chests, fish ponds and 5-gallon tubs. If you’re washing the car or mopping the floor. Empty that bucket of water as soon as you’re finished. Keeping drinks on ice at an outdoor party? Put the tub or chest

Floating Fun For Toddlers

toddler floater

The secrets of a baby swimming expert On holiday your toddler will want some independence in the pool, particularly if he enjoys swimming, so make sure you invest in a float jacket. When you first use the jacket in the pool,

Baby’s Due ! Are You Prepared Down There?


You may be preoccupied with ensuring the nursery is ready for baby’s arrival, but while you’re preparing your home for its new resident, don’t forget to prepare your body for birth. By now, your birth plan is set and your bag

7 Ways To Cope With Hypertension In Pregnancy

7 Ways To Cope With Hypertension

7 Ways To Cope With Hypertension Follow doctor’s orders. If your hypertension is severe, you’ll most likely have to stay on meds prescribed by your doctor throughout the pregnancy. If your hypertension is mild, listen to your doctor’s advice about

6 Baby Essentials You Really Need

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With so many baby products and equipment out there, it’s easy to feel bombarded with information. So what baby products are the real must-haves? SLEEP SWEET BABE Baby’s going to need a place to sleep, so you can either invest